Local Column

Mark Twain

Virginia City Territorial Enterprise/c. February 17, 1863

APOLOGETIC—We are always happy to apologize to a man when we do him an injury. We have wounded William Smiley’s feelings, and we will heal them up again or bust. We said in yesterday’s police record that Bill (excuse the familiarity, William) was drunk. We lied. It is our opinion that Sam Wetherill did, too, for he gave us the statement. We have gleaned the facts in the case, though, from William himself, and at his request we hasten to apologize. His offense was mildness itself. He only had a pitched battle with another man, and resisted an officer. That was all. Come up, William, and take a drink.

(Source: Twainquotes.com, http://twainquotes.com/18630226bt)

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