Territorial Sweets

Mark Twain

Virginia City Territorial Enterprise/January 22, 1863

The following, which will do to sweeten some bachelor’s coffee with, was picked up in front of the International:

“DARLING: I have not had time to write you to-day—I have worked hard entertaining company. Do come and see your little pet. I yearn for the silvery cadence of your voice—I thirst for the bubbling stream of your affection.


We feel for that girl. The water privilege which she pines for so lovingly has probably dried up and departed, else her sweet note would not have been floating around the streets without a claimant. We feel for her deeply—and if it will afford her any relief, if it will conduce to her comfort, if it will satisfy her yearning even in the smallest degree, we will cheerfully call around and “bubble” awhile for her ourself, if she will send us her address.

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